Set Accu Pruner TCS Bli-18/20 Including Battery And Charger

SKU : 08866-20


The GARDENA Battery Telescopic Pruner TCS Li-18/20 is the smart way to skilfully and especially safely execute tree-pruning activities whilst standing on the ground. It makes the use of ladders or strenuous clambering about in the tops of trees a thing of the past. Even branches in dense sections of treetops can be removed effortlessly, thanks to the lightweight and narrow cutting head. The tiltable cutting head provides additional comfort. The adjustable telescopic handle makes it possible for the pruner to do more than just reach branches at considerable heights. It is also possible to conveniently execute cutting work on the ground, for example to cut branches already removed from trees down to manageable size. The set includes battery and charger. The pruner is powered by an easy-care GARDENA System Battery with 18 V and 2.6 Ah. The battery can be quickly recharged at any time without memory effect.
 Powerful battery technology The lithium-ion replacement battery is powerful, low-maintenance, flexibly rechargeable and simple to change. An LED display indicates the current charging level of the battery. The GARDENA System Battery BLi-18 is compatible with all units of the GARDENA HeartBeat System 18 V.
Gardena Set Accu PrunerConvenient handling The telescopic handle makes thinning treetops and delimbing trees easily possible at heights of up to 4 metres – cable-free, safely and conveniently from the ground.
Wide range of applications Thanks to the tiltable cutting head, branches can be cut both high up in trees and conveniently on the ground without having to bend over.
Safe guided cutting The cutting support at the tip of the cutting blade helps to stabilise and correctly position the Battery Telescopic Pruner when cutting the underside of the branch, and simultaneously protects the chain when cutting close to the ground.
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